• Anglais The First Traces of Man in Europe

    (Pr) Albrecht Mueller

    Parution : 9 Mars 2016 - Entrée pnb : 11 Mars 2016

    "In a fine contrasting of Europe's wealth of historic memorials with his own country's yet new civilization, Washington Irving says of the former country, "Its every stone is a chronicle." The remark is true, applied, as he meant it to be, to our older cities with their ancient edifices and defenses. But, belonging to a yet remoter past, are the remains of Roman and Celtic arts and architecture; and in the pile-dwellings of our lakes and peat-beds we have relics of the Stone and Bronze eras, the beginnings of which lie beyond the reach of even tradition."The First Traces of Man in Europe; - the age of mammoths - the age of polished stone - the age of bronze - the age of iron ...

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